Keeping calm in Disneyland

Keeping calm in Disneyland

I love being in the Disney Parks. I love everything from the pin boards and cake pops to the perky, helpful Cast Members. Even though I know what to expect (good and bad) when I visit the Happiest Place on Earth, I still get stressed out by rouge strollers, rude guests, and people who find it impossible to walk in a straight line. Sometimes I just need to find a place to chill out and catch my breath.

Here are my top picks for places to hide when the magic is too much.

1.       Main Street Cinema – Main Street, Disneyland

Edge past Tilly in the box office and pull back the heavy velvet curtains to find a haven for those needing a little peace. The small, air conditioned room is blessedly dark and air conditioned, a welcome respite from the summer heat. Aside from the constant cartoon theme accompanying the 6 motion pictures, this place is about as empty as you can hope to find on Main Street. There aren’t any seats in this theater, but it’s not unusual to catch tired guests sitting against a wall taking a breather.


2.       Tarzan’s Treehouse – Adventureland, Disneyland

Head to the top of the 70 foot tree once the sun sets. Not only is it cool and quiet in the canopy, you’ll get a spectacular view of the park. Stick around for the firework show and you’ll have a good chance of having the treetop to yourself while the other guests gather on the suspension bridge below.


3.       Route 66 – Carsland, DCA

The route between Carsland and Pacific Wharf is a bit of a hidden gem. This path is less crowded and more striking than its neighbors, bordered by red rocks and jagged peaks as it transitions from desert to wharf. In my opinion, it shows off the beauty of California better than any other area of the park.


4.       Paradise Park, DCA

Unless you have a ticket for World of Color, it’s easy to overlook the little manicured garden opposite the bustling pier. The water fountain, plentiful benches, and nostalgic music make this park one of the most relaxing places in DCA.


5.       Redwood Creek Challenge Area – Grizzly Peak, DCA

Reminiscent of a National Park Service trail, this heavily wooded area is perfect for both kids and adults. This area reminded me of my home state of Washington (only sunnier) combined with the grandeur of Northern California. There are obstacle courses for those feeling adventurous, but plenty of quiet areas to relax if you’re feeling a bit worn down.

What are your favorite quiet places in Disneyland? 


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