2017 Travel Plans

January is nearly finished, the snow is melting, and my wanderlust already has me chomping at the bits. I did a lot of traveling last year, so the bar is set pretty high for 2017. Luckily I've already got a pretty good idea of the places I want to visit in the next year.

1. Japan

It still feels a bit surreal that I will be in Japan for my birthday this year. I've never traveled overseas before, so this is incredibly exciting for me. I will be accompanied by my sister (who, thankfully, studied Japanese for a number of years) and she has given me free reign over our itinerary. I'm already furiously researching and planning our temple visits, train routes, Disney adventures, and where to find the best taiyaki.

2. Visit more National Parks

I'm ashamed to say that I've neglected some incredible parks in my home state and surrounding area. This includes Mount Ranier, North Cascades, Crater Lake, and Yellowstone. Hopefully I will be able to visit many more parks, but if I can't at least get these four crossed off of my list I might as well give up now.

3. Victoria, British Columbia

I'm close enough to the Canadian border that I can manage frequent visits, but I have yet to spend any time in Victoria. This little city has an astounding amount of tea shops and I'm always willing to see how many tiny sandwiches I can eat in one sitting.

4. Go on an overnight hike.

My girlfriend and I do a lot of hiking, but we've never gone on an overnight hike together. This year I'd like to change that. Washington has some incredible scenery, so narrowing down our trail will be a challenge.

5. Visit a US State that I've never been to

The United States is HUGE and I haven't visited the majority of it. I'd like to explore a state that I've never been to before. I've wanted to visit Louisiana for a while now, this may be a great year to do it. What's your favorite state?




Missing the desert.

Missing the desert.