Brewery Hopping in Ballard

Brewery Hopping in Ballard

I may actually be starting to like beer and I think that it is 100% due to having shared a flight at every brewery I have been to in the past few months. I still make faces after sipping bitter IPAs and most dark beers, but I can safely say that I could probably finish a full glass of beer by myself if I wanted to.

I don't, which is why I stick to sharing small pours of local brews with my friends who can't get enough of the stuff. On a recent trip to Seattle, my girlfriend and I visited a couple of breweries all within a few blocks of each other. Here's what we tried!


Peddler Brewing Company

If you like beer, bikes, board games, and cute pups you will never want to leave Peddler Brewing Company. Out back you will find a heated beer garden complete with picnic tables and everything you need for a successful corn hole tournament (bike bottle holders mounted to the wall hold your beer glass while you play). There is even a vegan food truck and a window in the fence of the beer garden that lets you order from the sandwich shop next door. 


I liked: the Tangerine Hefeweizen, the Beach Cruiser Blonde, and a very delicious Mojito Cider from Locust Cider.

Fun feature: Super cyclist friendly! They have a pump and bike parts vending machine. Indoor bike parking, too!


Walking back to our car, we passed another brewery and decided to stop inside for another flight. We saw a few other people that had been drinking at Peddler, so apparently this is a popular second stop. Nothing here blew my mind, but I did try the Dark Cherry cider from Locust and loved it!


I liked: Apparently I like hefeweizen styles of beer! This makes sense as I do prefer the lighter, fruity versions. Progress!

Fun feature: They serve ice cream sandwiches and lots of other tasty treats. 


Locust Cider

Cider is my one true love and after my second taste of a Locust blend I googled the company to see if there were any tasting rooms close by. Lucky for me there was one only a few blocks away. The variety of flavors is impressive, ranging from classic apple to chili pineapple. We walked away with some canned ciders (vanilla bean and dark cherry, respectively) and a grunt of Hibiscus cider. I'm already planning another restock when I'm in the area again in a couple weeks.


I liked: Everything was stupidly delicious. I really love the Vanilla Bean, which tastes like cream soda. 

Fun feature: Locust Cider passionately supports the Hydrocephalus Association through sales proceeds and they donate $25 when you join their cider club. Their business is centered around raising money to fund Hydrocephalus research, a condition that the founders daughter has been diagnosed with.

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